Get More Leads, Calls,
Purchase, & SIgn-Ups

Looking for extra marketing resources to share the workload? Lumi Mines Inc work behind the sense and make you look extraordinary in front of your clients.

Revenue Focused Digital Marketing Strategies

Lumi Minds Inc is a Chicago Digital Marketing Agency

We provide digital marketing services for startups, small business and online businesses. We make sure all the pieces of digital marketing are successfully applied in our clients work. We have developed innovative solutions for our potential clients in a vast variety of industries.

Search Engine Optimization

At Lumi Minds Inc, our team of experts deal with the leading SEO tools to deliver the leading results for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategies helps to broadband customers reach and increase brand awareness.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Our PPC marketing contribute in your business goals by converting your viewers into your customers.

Email marketing

We have you get your own dedicated email marketing server that will generate leads and customer loyalty.

Content Marketing

We deliver high-quality content to our customers and help you build growth in the industry.

LinkedIn B2B Leads

We deliver the finest conversation rate optimization services. Our team focus is to convert a visitor into a lead.

Search Engine Optimization

Live on Page 1 of Google

Oue SEO generates sustaining revenue and market dominance. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is truly a commitment and also one of the most commonly miss understood things by business owners. Don't make the wrong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) investment - in some cases business owners underinvest and see a negative ROI and in others the simply pay too much for the wrong tactics. We'll show you have a content marketing strategy drives SEO growth and helps you when you customers while keeping your competitors at boy.

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